Wollam Family: Holland Family Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

Meet the Wollam Family: Hilarious. Unpredictable. Spunky. Compassionate. Shepherds. Full of LIFE. Caring. Christ-centered. Encouragers. Authentic.

I love this little ‘nook’ we found on a snowy day… but I love the personality of this family even more!!

 Remington’s expression is AMAZING.  I also love the way that Bob is enjoying his son in this picture. PRECIOUS.

All BOY and oh-so-sweet.

She is so. much. fun.

Sometimes you just need to see the world from a different perspective… this family does that well. 🙂

Another one of those shots that made me smile — and completely unplanned… although I’m starting to think that these kiddos live life so freely and beautifully that moments like this happen on an almost predictable basis.

They really wanted a photograph outside – sans coats – so we did a 2 minute sprint outside. LOVE this family!

This is perfectly imperfect and speaks of their beauty as a family of five. 🙂

You five are BEAUTIFUL.

Lindsey and Bob – You two are amazing humans… and wonderful parents.

It has been a blessing to know you over the past 5 years. I am so excited to see what the future holds for you five as you wait on God and step out in faith. You all are so much fun and create such an authentic place for community. It was a joy to capture who you are as a family —- with all the unpredictable expressions and unplanned moments of sweetness between you and your children. Thank you for spending a few minutes with me on a snowy afternoon. Oh, and Remington – you are adorable.