When life gives you lemons and not a visa,

You create beautiful things.



My dear friend here is a beautiful example to me of actively waiting on God and making the most of each season, however difficult it may be. She reflects the character of our God who created and still creates.


My friend has been patiently waiting on her visa so that she can join her husband in the States. In the meantime, we have been the very thankful and blessed joyful recipients of her time and talent. My friend is an AMAZING interior and graphic designer amongst many other things.


{And because she is on the quiet side, you may not know it until you get to know her more.} When we first moved into our urban dwelling in a vast sea of apartments, we asked her for her thoughts on some of our living spaces. Instead of just providing basic thoughts, she surprised us with an amazing design of our children’s room that she had created.

I was over the moon excited – especially when she said: “Yea, and I can draw it for you. No problem.” My jaw dropped. “Seriously, you can just ‘draw’ or ‘create’ on the wall what you created in your mind and on the computer?” Unreal.


So, time passed… In that time, she prepared for her beautiful wedding to the love of her life and now  she is waiting on her visa so she can join him again… She is neither here pursuing long-term work and community here nor there beginning her life with her husband. It’s a difficult place to be where she feels absolutely powerless to speed things up or make things happen. So, she waits. And while she waits, she creates beautiful things. She adds joy to the lives of others. And she does what she was created to do. And our family is thankful.


She is still in process, but tonight, Sam was wanting to go see the “painting on the wall” and delight more in the colors and shapes that are emerging from splatters of paint. This afternoon, he just sat on his bed and watched her createCreating is this crazy, mysterious process. I love watching others create. My friend creates with such joy and precision. 


I look at her work and her joy in it and I know — she was created for this kind of work. It’s just perfect.

Long after her visa comes, she is reunited with her husband and growing a successful business in South Carolina (of which I’m certain), our children will be impacted by the beauty that she created in the waiting. 



***And if you are in South Carolina (or know people who are!) and want to connect with her for any design needs, contact me for her contact info.***

  • Dina Horne - This is so beautiful. The story and the art. Wow. Thanks for sharing. But it’s also a bit of a tease…can’t wait to see the final product!ReplyCancel

  • Erin - Hi Christen,

    I’m a friend of Dustin (Ira’s husband) and a new friend of Ira. My fiancé and I had the joy of attending their wedding in September. Your words, and photos, are beautiful. This post brightened my day. I’m glad for both Dustin and Ira’s sake, that she has someone to love on her and reiterate God’s promises while she’s far from her new love, new family, and new life. I know Dustin has a lot of support back in SC, but it’s heartwarming to see that so does Ira, as she waits.