What are we Doing?

We love God. We love the people around us. We moved overseas to love people and love God. Tony provides counseling for others at a counseling center while I raise my littles, learn the language (slowly), love our neighbors, and seek to honor God in the mundane.We love walking alongside others through times of difficulty and joy. We are learning how to love one another more during this season of parenting. We are now facing a rare cancer diagnosis but struggling, needing, and choosing to look to God for our hope, our victory, our joy, and our peace. We love hearing the stories of others and telling our own stories because we believe that it is in the sharing of stories that God can bring healing, growth, redemption, and restoration.

Check it out... this could be our new home!

Follow our blog to learn about what’s like to prepare to move and live over the seas, how we feel stretched in our marriage during this season of parenting, how we are both overwhelmed and at peace with a cancer diagnosis of Medullary Thyroid Cancer, and how we look for beauty wherever we are. We choose vulnerability in the stories we share here because we want you all to know that you aren’t alone in your brokenness and questions. And even in our brokenness, we have seen the amazing strength and power of God.

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