“We are here til the end…”: Ft. Worth-Dallas Photojournalism Conference

As I was walking around the Ft. Worth stockyards, I passed two men who I felt compelled to stop and talk to – although the cowboy boots were a much more ‘obvious’ subject for my photojournalism assignment. However, I listened to my intuition and said ‘hello!’ As we started talking, I asked if I could capture a few photographs of them. They obliged and we continued talking. “So what brings you here today?” The older gentleman said: “We are taking a break from the hospital where we have been couped up for the past few days. We are in town because my son-in-law is dying of terminal cancer. We are here til the end…” I pulled the camera down from my face with tears in my eyes and  said a very unfitting: “I am so sorry…” He said: “We are too. My son-in-law is 56 years old and is a remarkable man.”

“When did you find out about the cancer?”

“A few weeks ago. They said it could be days or a few weeks…”

“We’ll be here til the end…”

Somehow this man continued to joke with me…

Eventually, I said ‘goodbye’ to them… I walked 10 steps and started crying.

Stories are some of the heaviest things you will carry.

  • Alison Guerrin - Wow Christen, that’s so sad and so beautiful at the same time. I love the shots you posted.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Alison. I am always amazed at what happens when I take a few risks… and how people will entrust you with their stories.ReplyCancel

  • gary s chapman - I am glad you listened to your intuition. Nice blog post.ReplyCancel

  • Corinne Bergmann - This is beautiful, Christen. This made me cry. I especially loved “Stories are some of the heaviest things you will carry.” I have a word document where I save favorite quotes I come across and this made the page. You tell stories so well. Thank you.ReplyCancel