Stumbling upon laughter: Central Asia: Travel Photography

Merhaba! As I discover the beautiful people and culture of Turkey, I have enjoyed unexpected times of laughter… Somehow, it is this laughter that overcomes all kinds of language barriers – although I am working on speaking Turkish. In the midst of these amazing discoveries, I have been unable (or unwilling) to post images or stories in fear of not doing the experience justice. That being said, I want to share with you small glimpses into my experience here in a beautiful country with hospitable, warm people so that you, too, may be encouraged to travel outside of your comfort zone or place of security to discover laughter and beauty… even if its just down the street. The following images are from a rural village in Turkey…

This young student was spending time with his brothers in their family owned store…  He gave me permission to capture this image as he was sitting just outside the store.

Young Turkish boy outside his brother's store

In this village in the middle of the country side of Turkey, I discovered a small family-owned textile shop…. We bought some beautiful fabric for our nursery curtains since I can do very little “nesting” and do not even know where we will be living in a few months… In this store, there was a young Turkish man, the son of the owner, who helped us find what we were looking for. He offered us tea as we looked around his store. We also found out that this family, particularly his father, is responsible for creating one of Brad Pitt’s costumes in a movie… While these stories may not make it to the newspaper headlines in America, the story of this hard working and honest family who create colorful fabric and transform them into beautiful things is worth mentioning here on my little blog.

textile shop owner

This next image captures a very small window into the kind of community that is experienced here in Turkey. People truly know how to spend time together as they play Backgammon while drinking tea and catching up on family life. The man on the far right is over 100 years old… They gave me permission to capture this image as they were finishing up a game on a warm summer afternoon.

I look forward to sharing more photographs soon of this beautiful country… Thanks for your patience with me as I process how and what to share on this site.

  • Dad - As I have said before, the beautiful thing about you Christen, is, on top of your technical skill with the art of photography and the camera; you have a quality that cannot be learned in a workshop…. it’s the ability to see through the lens with the heart! You see with the heart. You pay attention, you notice people, you see their stories in their eyes and listen to the beauty that each person exudes. These are great photographs, because they reflect a story… awesome!!ReplyCancel

  • stephanie - i could not agree more with your dad. these are absolutely beautiful, powerful images…thanks for sharing them!ReplyCancel