Special Visitors: Always Welcome!

One of the hardest aspects of living overseas is begin away from family and friends. Especially for Samuel, we feel the absence of his grandparents. So, you can imagine our excitement when we had both my parents and Tony’s parents come in January and February. What a blessing it was to introduce them to our new home here. I think they fell in love with the place and people like we already have. Samuel loved having the extra attention during the transition to having a Baby Sister around all the time.

Between my parent’s visit in January, Tony’s parents visit in February, and our friends being here in April, we also were busy with the following:

1. Helping Sam adjust to his new big brother role.

2. Helping Ada get over Whooping Cough/Pertussis.

3. Multiple rounds of colds and viruses.

4. Learning language.

5. Various work responsibilities for Tony.

6. Looking for an apartment.

7. Shopping for a car.

8. Getting together with friends and neighbors.

Below are a few pictures of our visitors!! Maybe this ‘catch-up’ post will help me jump back into regular blog posts…. We’ll see. No one told me how busy you’d be with TWO little ones under foot all the time!!! 

And most recently, our friends came to visit us here before visiting some other historical sites in Turkey! How fun to have a complete clash of two very different worlds!!

I think we are quickly realizing just how much we love having visitors here — it fills our home with more laughter, conversation, and special attention for Sam. So, here’s to hoping we will continue to have the blessed opportunity to host more people in the future!

With each set of guests coming and then leaving, the house felt way too quiet following their departures. It makes us so thankful that Sam now has a little sister who will be able to share his experiences as Third Culture Kids and they can enjoy adventures together as they get older. Plus, they don’t have to say goodbye to each other.