Seattle Lifestyle Photography: Amy + Kyle

Before and after our time in Alaska, we spent a day and night in Seattle. My husband and I officially adore this city and all the charm that comes with it. My college friend Amy moved out to Seattle soon after we graduated together, over five years ago, and has been teaching special education for the last four years. Kyle is a construction manager who seems to work with excellence, leadership and a particular attention to detail. If you have ever met Amy, you know that she loves to tell stories… and what makes her story telling so unique is her attention to detail. She will spend 10 minutes on a description in her story before moving on. I love it. Details are worth sharing. That said, I thought it would only be appropriate to share a few favorites from spending time with them.

One detail that Amy absolutely loves is the way her skirt moves when she walks… Details. Details.

Amy and Kyle bought a house a few months ago… I am so thankful to be able to ‘picture’ where Amy and Kyle live and their charming, distinct, neighborhood.

Thanks Amy and Kyle for being incredible hosts and giving us the ‘local’ tour of your hometown. We can’t wait to visit again someday.