Relief, Refugees, and Conflict…

For the past week, I have been in an intensive class here at Fuller called Relief, Refugees, and Conflict taught by Dr. Bryant Myers. It has been incredibly challenging and confusing to attempt to wrestle with the complexities surrounding humanitarian aid and how to respond to needs in parts of the world where there is major conflict. I think the bottom line is that there are NO easy answers… and yet, its the responsibility of those with good intentions and compassionate hearts to understand how their ‘aid’ could potentially make a situation worse, instead of better. If we are naive to what our actions and presence has on a local culture, then we need to pause, take a breath, and learn from the experts… the locals themselves. I know there are some incredible NGO’s who are saving lives and working alongside refugee populations in holistic, beautiful ways… I am thankful for people who have committed their lives to acting on their convictions. My personal goal is that I would take time to truly learn about the refugees who have been moved to my city and figure out ways to come alongside people who have lost almost everything and been placed in a completely new environment. There… I said it out loud… at least on this little ole’ blog. Now, you can hold me accountable.