Post Family Farms field trip: Teacher Appreciation

For the four weeks, Sam has been attending a local pre-school for three mornings a week. He. loves. it. Today, I went with him and Ada to join his class for a field trip to a nearby farm. We had such a wonderful time in the pumpkin train, giant slide, eating still warm pumpkin donuts, feeding the goats, and learning about the animals on the farm through an interactive story time and demonstrations. What a gift. But as I watched these pre-school teachers herd the kids from one activity to the next, I found myself about to cry. What they have offered these children is not quantified by lessons learned or letters mastered. They have created a structure that is predictable, safe, and fun for these children to grow up a bit more. They have seen their students with a fresh perspective which they can then share their delight in each child as parents come to pick them up. What a joy to have other teachers see the joy, uniqueness, and charm in my own son. What a comfort to know that Sam has been thriving over this past month and coming home happy as he shares stories of his day on the drive home. They are usually stories about Charlotte or Ellie. Thank the teachers in your life today — even if your children are struggling academically — chances are, they are still flourishing because of the nurturing, predictable, enthusiastic presence of their teachers.

If you think of it, please pray that we can say goodbye well tomorrow on his last day and that we can show Sam how to make another transition … and he can hold these sweet memories deep in his heart. I hope that we can thank his teachers well for what they’ve given to us during this crazy season in our lives. The gift of structure is a beautiful, wonderful thing.