Pasadena Soccer League: Los Angeles Editorial Photography

Nothing makes my husband light up like a soccer match. He absolutely loves it.

For the last 1 1/2-2 years, he has played on a team with a group of guys who have competed in the Pasadena Soccer League. Every season, they do quite well as a team but up until now – have not been able to pull off a WIN during the final game of the tournament. Yesterday, there was an exception to this rule.

After winning the semi-finals, they went on to play against another team in the final game….

It was an intense game.

But, my intense experience of this game may be partially due to the screaming (but fun) women I sat next to…

The picture above shows what we did anytime our players got within a 5 foot radius of scoring a goal. We screamed (and I laughed at us)… We were so loud that there was a young boy (7 years old?) who was sitting with his friends on the bleachers and said: “Be quiet!”

Congratulations to Les Rouges on their championship win!!

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  • jada - Congratulations Tony. Your commitment and teamwork made a difference!ReplyCancel