Painting joy: Holland MI Children’s Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

Meet Hannah:

Spunky. Curious. Joy-filled. Artistic. Creative. Compassionate. On-the-GO. Intelligent. Full of Wonder. Playful. Sweet-spirited. Thoughtful. 2 Years Old.

She. is. PRECIOUS.

I love interacting with my clients. Hannah was full of surprises!

I love capturing portraits for a beautiful child that will allow her and her parents the ability to remember her distinct personality, interests, and unique beauty in that specific season.

Hannah’s beauty and charm remind me of my childhood best friend Stephanie and her father who had an application for boys to date her when she was a teenager. I’m thinking Hannah’s father John may have to create the same rigorous application and interview process.

oh perfect light, how i love thee…

Hannah’s parents have created space for her artistic pursuits… and I am convinced that childhood is made sacred through the everyday activities of painting, dancing, and smiling.

Hannah, thanks for reminding me that life is rich with small details of sacred beauty.