On Pill Dependency and the Miracle of Modern Medicine: Post-Thyroidectomy

I’ll be honest… if I was on “Who wants to be a millionaire” a year ago and my final question was: “What does a thyroid do?” I would have lost a lot of money. I know, I know.. I was ignorant. If you had told me 10 years ago that one’s thyroid controls metabolism, emotions, and many other important things… I probably would have had it checked as I’ve always suspected both of those things weren’t functioning properly!! Finally, something to blame for all of my mood swings… 😉 Just kidding. But in all seriousness, how amazing is our God that He would design our bodies with such intricate, necessary parts? And how tragic when parts of our bodies stop functioning (or never function) as they were intended?


Everyday, I am amazed that this oh-so-tiny light blue pill is what is replacing my entire thyroid. It’s crazy. And as I sat in church yesterday, having forgotten to take my calcium pills that morning and hitting the 16 hour mark without any calcium, my entire body started tingling… and it wasn’t in response to a sermon on the Holy Spirit. I knew I needed to get calcium in my body — pronto! So, I asked a friend to drive to a nearby pharmacy and quickly guzzled down a few pills with a bottle of water at the self check-out line to begin the process of settling down my body from calcium deficiency. It’s a humbling thing to be dependent on pills for your health – and yet it’s an amazing thing to have pills to maintain your health.


We live in a broken, sinful world where things are not as they were intended to be — or as they will one day be when all creation is restored by God’s redemption on the day of Christ Jesus. So until that day,  I will praise God for giving people the ability to re-create a synthetic thyroid hormone replacement pill as well as supplements like calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium that give your body the boost that it needs… I will thank God for the ways that I have seen anti-depressant pills help those I love get through difficult seasons of life and the effectiveness of anti-anxiety meds in calming down a parent to be able to offer stability, peace, and predictability for their small, vulnerable children. I am also amazed that with a little extra intentionality, the vegetables and fruits that God has allowed to grow in His creation gives us almost everything we need to maintain that health. We are so intricately created. And we are so tragically fallen. But we have hope and restoration offered to us every single day by a loving God who thought of and breathed life into everything.


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  • Jada Conner - I think of the song we sang this morning “Breathe on me, breath of God, breathe on me.” It’s amazing to think that God breathed in us to give us life. It is miraculous. I am also grateful that God inspired those to create tiny blue pills to help us have life more abundantly. Thanks for sharing your heart and soul Christen. Love you. MOMReplyCancel