On having a baby in another country: Thoughts and Questions.

Many people have asked me about the upcoming arrival of our Baby Girl… due at Christmas.

Some of the most common questions include: “Are you planning on having your baby overseas?” as well as “How’s the medical care there?” and finally, “How do YOU feel about giving birth overseas?” so I thought I’d share how I feel, what I’ve learned, and the journey ahead for those of you who care to know the answers to these questions.

Question #1: Yes, we plan on having our daughter overseas.

Question #2: The medical care is great there. In fact, medical tourism is a growing industry in the country as doctors from the UK will refer patients to our host country for quicker transplants and affordable care.

Question #3: To be completely honest, I feel a little nervous about giving birth overseas. With Sam’s birth, I had a 30 hour labor and while I went completely natural due to the grace and strength of God, I could not have done it without the support of my husband, the wisdom of our doula/licensed midwife, and the constant care of the nurses at our local hospital. We are moving to a country that has one of the highest c-section rates in the world. This is not good or bad… it just is.

I am thankful for many different ways to deliver healthy babies! Because I had such a positive experience in delivering Sam, I am wanting a similar experience, if at all possible, with Baby Girl. I have heard that the follow up question for women in the country, after confirming the pregnancy, is: “So when do you want to have a c-section?” While I am not at ALL against this method of giving birth and know many babies who have had safe deliveries thanks to the medical care provided in c-section deliveries, I definitely don’t want it to be the first choice when giving birth to this baby girl.

So… many of thoughts and questions have to do with: “What is within my control?” And “What is outside of my control?” Within my control, I plan to work with a doctor who speaks some English and comes to the U.S. a few weeks each year for trainings and conferences. I also am working with a woman who is a licensed midwife and nurse who is willing to assist me as a doula during delivery. Finally, I will just pray for God to work out all the details of Baby Girl’s arrival into our lives and trust in Him for His perfect plan. For anyone that’s been through childbirth and not have things go according to plan  or achingly desired to go through this experience and cannot conceive, there is a deepened understanding in what we cannot control despite our best efforts. In this season of moving overseas and all that it involves, I have to open my hands and say: “God, I surrender all… and trust you to move mountains and part the sea that YOUR will be done for YOUR glory. May the arrival of this Baby Girl create opportunities to bond with the beautiful people and culture that we desire to become apart of in the months and years ahead.
We’ll keep you posted on how things progress in the baby department as we get acclimated to life overseas.