On a horse kick: God cares about the details

For the past month, Samuel has been on a real ‘horse’ kick. I’m serious when I say that this kid would be 110% content growing up on a farm. That said, we live in the city. We have been reading books with horses in it; we’ve been finding miniature horse toys at the homes of friends and whatnot, and seeing horses on Baby Einstein videos.

Today, we finished up a two week conference on counseling and member care . (There will be more on this later!) Last night, all of the staff and participants went from the hotel where the conference was being held to a nearby restaurant. This wasn’t just any restaurant. It happened to be a restaurant around the theme of…. yep… horses. There were 30-40 horses in stables just a few steps away from where we enjoyed a nice meal together. We got to the restaurant early so we had time to visit the horses in the stables.

This is Sam’s current version of Disneyland and it felt like seeing our almost-two-year-old son’s childhood dreams come true. He walked up and down the walkway next to each stable and said ‘hello’ to each and every horse with a wave of his hand and a long, drawn out “Hiiiiiiiii!!!” He would walk away from one horse but then turn back and wave and say “Hiiii” one more time before moving on to the next horse. One horse was especially affectionate with Sam and Sam almost planted a kiss on his nose.

I took some video that I will try to share later but here are a few photos from Sam’s special evening with the horses. We are thankful for God showing up in these small details as he adjusts to life that is far from what he knows! I apologize that these photos are a little blurry but we were losing light fast and I mostly wanted to remember the moments. 🙂