Novak Family: West Michigan Family and Lifestyle Photographer

Meet Joey: Passionate. Creative. Confident. Visionary. Committed. Loving. Eager to learn.

Meet Katie: Patient. Teacher. Encouraging. Compassionate Listener. Steadfast. Fun-loving.

Together: They are a passionate, creative, visionary, fun-loving couple who is committed to compassionately loving, teaching, and encouraging the people around them.

Meet Eli: Enthusiastic. Curious. Talkative. Observant. Caring.

Meet Calvin. Smiley. Energetic. Determined. Joyful. Flexible. Content.

Together as a family: They are a curious, enthusiastic, caring family of four determined to discover the world around them and bring joy to others through creativity and knowledge.

My time with them was filled to overflowing with these sweet moments between them that you cannot ‘stage’ or ‘plan’ but instead, you create space for a family to simply be together… and then watch the beauty and unique-ness of who they are unfold. 🙂

Calvin, your four bottom teeth are too much cuteness for one photograph to handle. 😉

Eli, you are so. much. fun.

One purpose of being a dad is helping your child feel SO BIG and ready for the world. It looks like Joey does that well.

Hold on to this portrait, because I think you will see this same facial expression when Eli falls in love with his future wife. 😉

I could’ve spent a whole weekend with these cuties.


Katie is an unbelievable mom.  She has a calming but firm way of loving her boys and providing a structure in which they can create, explore, and enjoy the world around them.

It looks like Joey thinks she’s pretty great too.

You can almost hear the squeals and laughs in this image.


Brothers and Buds.

FAVORITE!!!!Finding your ‘us-ness’ in the middle of parenthood can be a challenge, but you two seem to be pros at loving each other in the midst of the craziness!

The definition of ADORABLE.

You four are seriously perfect. 🙂

Katie and Joey, Eli and Calvin –

Thank you for hiring me to capture this beautiful season in your family’s life and be a part of the Christmas surprise for your parents. What a gift you gave all of them in having these pictures done. It was a gift for me as well to step into your family life and get a close perspective of who you are together. You all are beautiful on the inside and out and a TON of fun!!!