Nature vs. Nurture: Holland MI Family Beach Photography

Why HELLO Mr. Adorable!!

This little man was nothing but PURE JOY which you can see all over his face… although a few times, he was mesmerized by the refreshing breeze from the lake and the family of ducks walking nearby…

Oh my… This kid isn’t even my kid but he melts my heart with his smiles.

{Angela and Joel, you made one beautiful little man. And looking at this next image, it’s easy to see where he gets his beautiful looks.}

Angela, you are adored by both of these men. 😉  LOVE this.


Angela, you are GORGEOUS on the inside and out….

and I know Micah will know that when he looks back on these images. I wish every mom valued the chance to pass along images like this to their children. What a gift.

::::::::::::::: “DUCKS!” :::::::::::: 

Simply perfect.

Micah, you have a REALLY fun mom!

And Micah, you have a Dad who would do a n y t h i n g  for you… even get in the freezing cold water of Lake Michigan.

You just can’t take life too seriously… or you’ll miss out on all the fun. If you need to take lessons in enjoying life, contact Angela and Joel.

How could this little man NOT grow up with a permanent smile when his parents are so. much. fun.

Nature vs. Nurture::::: In the case of Micah’s smile and sweet spirit, I have to go with… nurture.

Micah, you are one precious little kid who blesses everyone who sees your smile.

Angela and Joel~

Thank you for allowing me to capture this precious, joy-filled season in your family’s life. It is a blessing to see and capture the beauty in your hearts with my lens as I watch you faithfully live out the calling you have been given. Blessings to you all as you continue to nurture JOY and grow a heart of LOVE in your precious son.