Kim Family: Pasadena, California Family and Children Photographer

For the past two years, I have gotten to know this family by sharing common space with them… (bbq grill, patio table, pool, etc) but more than sharing this “stuff,” we have shared some incredible memories. It was with much sadness that I had to say goodbye to this family two weeks ago as they moved on to a new chapter in their lives. I will remember the days when I was experiencing  LA culture shock and “S” would run towards me with a huge smile on her face, laughter and Korean words leaving her mouth and then, a big hug. Both “S” and her two older sisters brought such joy to our apartment community that it is difficult to accept city noises that doesn’t include the quick, yet distinct running of a now four year old running from her door to ours and A not biking around the perimeter of the pool or “J” not playing her flute.  It has been fun to see them come out of their shells as they quickly learned English and discovered more of who they are – even during a season of adjustment. Mr. and Mrs. Kim modeled a beautiful form of parenting that was both gentle and wise. I never heard them raise their voice to yell and yet, their children were so well-behaved. (What’s the secret??) Their friendship was and is a blessing to Tony and I. I could continue, but I think the images will explain the rest… and why my heart broke quite a bit when I heard those little footsteps on their last day here. Meet the Kim family.






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  • jada conner - Great pictures Christen. You captured the beauty!
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