Kerst Markt: Downtown Holland, MI Event Photography

    On Saturday, I wanted to swing by and see Matt and Elsie’s booth at Kerst Markt as I had been seeing delicious treats pop up in my facebook news feed for the past few weeks. Since this was my first time visiting the market, I was blown away by how adorable the whole set-up was. Elsie told me that someone flew to Germany to see how the actual market there was designed so the market here could be modeled after it. LOVE THE END PRODUCT!!

If you are around this coming weekend, you HAVE to go and get some Christmas shopping done. Support local artists and vendors who create beautiful Christmas gifts to give to those you love!

I LOVE her hat and genuine smile here!! How could you NOT buy gourmet treats from this booth?? 🙂

If you swing by the E & M Bulk Foods booth, you will find very reasonably priced gourmet treats. At other stores, you will pay triple the price and I’m convinced these taste better!!

You will find adorable potted Christmas trees at this booth. My mom (who has a wooded backyard) couldn’t resist buying one to take home with her! I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of all her other trees! She probably has the most beautifully decorated home around Christmas time though. I’ll save that for another post!

Before Melissa and Doug toys were available in toy stores and supermarkets around the country, there were local artisans who created beautiful handmade wooden toys for the kids in their own community. My mom and I found a really cute Elephant Pull-toy from this booth for Samuel’s Christmas gift! Shhh! It’s a secret. 🙂

Santa in the off-season or in retirement? This local artisan has a seriously impressive beard but even more impressive wooden items for sale!

Below is a family venturing into a new business endeavor together – providing bulk foods at very reasonable prices! If you need any gifts for your employees or family members, contact them here!

Another local artist creates really soft handmade socks and uses recycled sweaters to create the warmest mittens on the market!

And finally, check out this booth sponsored by a non-profit Manna Global Goods Ministry that is selling fair trade items to support the people making them.

If you go this weekend, comment below and let me know what kinds of gifts you find for family and friends!!