Ephatha! ~ Be Opened!

My blog posts have been happening in my heart lately. Can you relate to that? When you are so busy storing up things in your heart that you can’t quite articulate your thoughts or emotions to others? When friends or my students have asked me: How are you doing? My consistent response has been… grateful.

Back in college, my dear friend Catie was a part of leading a campus women’s group called “Ephatha” which means Be Opened. Lately, I have been experiencing Ephatha in the unexpected blessings and daily rhythms of my life. While I can’t fully express the ways in which I am being opened here on the blog, there is a definite opening process happening in my heart.

In the midst of this opening, I have taken these past few months to slow down and reflect on my dreams and visions for how I want my passion for photography and my love for the world to intersect. In this slowing down and being opened, I am discovering new parts of myself.

I am so excited to share more of my heart’s vision in the weeks ahead… but for now, I will share this image that I captured during a lifestyle session last fall.

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  • Catie Loveless - Hey, that’s me! I love you for remembering that and I love even more getting to hear about these heart things even tho we live 876 kajillion miles apart. I love you!ReplyCancel