Embrace the awkward… and the friendship will follow: Central Asia: Travel Photography

Sometimes I think we make the mistake of thinking our lives are best lived in avoidance of awkward, uncomfortable moments. Personally, I think the opposite is true. We were made to live in the awkward moments and even… (gasp) enjoy them. Between my husband and I, there is usually some kind of awkward moment in the works. Being a visitor in a new city gives me permission to be even more awkward than normal. I know any kind of visitor or tourist can be awkward in a new setting – taking pictures of the everyday squirrel at the zoo; stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, abruptly, in order to look at a map; speaking the language in a slow, methodical way. We are made to be awkward and it simply amuses others. I am embracing the awkward on this trip in hopes that I might shed light on the beautiful people who live on this side of the world.



You never know when you will unknowingly capture a prophetic image through your lens… I can’t wait to share the story that unfolded after I captured this:

Embracing an awkward moment creates an opportunity for a new friendship to be made…

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  • Carey Waldrop - Christen–I absolutely love your photography!! These pics bring back so many memories…I truly wish I had a digital when I went to Turkey. My favorite is the old man with the cane walking on the street. Hope your trip is going well!ReplyCancel