Belly laughs: Los Angeles + Indiana Family and Children’s Photographer

Today was a special day. I sat on the floor and helped encourage my nephew to throw bouncy balls across the room. I heard him say “Hi-ya” as his mom and dad came in and out of the room. I was teary-eyed when his mom and dad kissed him goodnight tonight and made sure he heard their  “I love you’s.” My heart is overwhelmed with these simple moments. Every moment with my nephew is a gift, because he is a gift.

Today, he started belly laughing as I bounced the ball and did a spin before catching it again. His belly laughs make me laugh. really laugh.

I think all of us (aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents but especially his mom and dad) are in awe of how he has changed our lives over the past year, and I can’t even imagine how he will continue to bless our lives in the years to come. You can see my sister-in-law’s reflections on their journey as a family on their blog. And until I can upload some images from these fleeting days of swim therapy and belly laughs, here is an older one that makes me smile. I will be taking a mini-break from blogging until I get back to California when I can share with you the details of my time here.