Baby L: Newborn Photography, Pasadena, California

As I mentioned in the previous post, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a very special (not so) little guy on Friday! I continue to be amazed at parents like Melody and Kevin who are SO NATURAL as parents even after just two weeks as a family. Their love and tenderness towards Baby L was so incredibly beautiful, as was their love for one another. Melody definitely had the beautiful glow of a new mother as she held her baby boy.  Kevin’s sense of humor invited very sweet responses from his son and his intuitive sense of what Baby L needed was unbelievable. Not only is Baby L a happy baby, but he is also a great sleeper who takes 4 hour naps… I told them they need to write a book on “how to get your newborn to sleep for four hours at a time.” Oh, and Baby with the Cutest Dimples Award goes to Melody and Kevin. Congratulations Melody and Kevin!!!   Thank you so much for the blessing of capturing your new family of three.