Baby Isaac, 7 Days New: Newborn Photography: Holland, Michigan

It was wonderful to meet Baby Isaac last week and spend some time getting to know this new family of three. Amanda and Ben’s love for their little guy was so evident – as well as their natural instincts in meeting Isaac’s needs. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Baby Isaac and see why Amanda and Ben are over the moon for him. Isaac has a very sweet personality and has the same curiosity and thoughtfulness as his parents.

World, meet Isaac. Isaac, meet the world.


These expressions followed Ben sharing with Amanda how amazing she was during labor and delivery.

Amanda has been working on this amazing quilt that will be a keepsake for Isaac for the rest of his life. I can only imagine all the thoughts, prayers, emotions, and dreams she has sewn into each of these pieces.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the wrinkled forehead in this little man’s expression!! And check out those eyelashes!

Isaac is SUCH a honey!!

Like father, like son. I think we have a future musician on our hands. 🙂

There’s nothing like the comfort of his mama…

such beautiful peace…

  Congratulations Ben and Amanda! Thank you for allowing me to witness the sweetness of Isaac and the beauty of your growing family. What a blessing!!