Baby Aiden: Holland MI Family and Lifestyle Photographer

If you attend their church, Andrew and Julie might be familiar faces to you as you walk through the doors on Sunday morning. Their enthusiastic and kind welcome definitely creates a culture of love and warmth in the church. The  welcome of their son Aiden was maybe just *slightly* more anticipated and filled with A LOT more excitement! Andrew and Julie are the kind of couple that compliment each other in a beautiful,  seamless way. They love their Alma Mater, church, and community and they can’t wait to introduce Aiden to all of their favorite places.

Meet Andrew: Witty. Talented. Musician. A good friend. Passionate. Steady. Caring. Leader.

Meet Julie: Beautiful. Loving. Servant. A good listener. Committed. Competent. Supportive.

Together, they are welcoming Baby Aiden into a music-filled, warm and caring family that will provide more love and witty fun then he will know what to do with. It will be so exciting to see Aiden’s little personality develop in a home that is full of nurturing, steady support to pursue whatever he becomes passionate about. Right now, he is passionate about eating, sleeping, and filling his diaper — Oh, and gazing at his two wonderful parents.

Check out this smooshy cuteness!!

There were lots of snuggles and kisses being shared during this session! LOVE these!

A quick diaper change for good measure and even then, he is ADORABLE.

The tenderness of these next four images is overwhelming…

This would be beautiful as a wall print or canvas somewhere…  🙂

Why hello handsome!

I think you two probably gazed at him like this the rest of the afternoon… in between naps for yourself, of course!

I love capturing a new family in the space that was prepared with a lot of thoughtfulness, expectancy, prayers, and maybe a few tears.

Julie, you are one GORGEOUS mama!!! (One of my FAVORITES!)

Taking after his dad…

I am pretty sure that the line “sleep like a baby” was talking about THIS kind of sleep and not the sleep training that occurs around 4-8  months. 🙂

What a miraculous gift.

Preparing for his future.

Love this ‘pensive’ schoolboy pose. He totally worked the camera the entire session!