Around the home

We have finally moved in and unpacked boxes in our new apartment. We are so excited to be here… to be HOME for a while. Samuel must have sensed that this is our place for a while because he quickly adjusted to life in our place. It feels amazing to be almost done with living out of boxes and finally being able to make this place truly ours. We decided to add a little color to the place – replacing the blah beige throughout the apartment. Painting is such an easy way to make a place ‘your own’ so I highly recommend doing it even if you are just renting! We also painted our apartment when we lived in Southern California as well and I remember just how ‘homey’ our 600 sq. ft. apartment was for those 3 1/2 years! 

We found a lot of used furniture to keep our expenses down, bought some shelving and random organizing units from Ikea, and then bought a few things locally. While we still have more work to do around the house, it definitely feels livable (and enjoyable)!

We really wanted to make the living room a ‘kid-friendly’ room by creating a space just for them. Once the couches arrive, this corner will be blocked off by the back of the couch and then the large, awkward pillar in the middle of the room. 🙂 When train tables weren’t an option here, we had a local carpenter make one for Sam as a Christmas/Big Brother gift before Ada arrived.


Ada. Grace-filled Ada. Through all the chaos and stress that we have created around her arrival, she has stayed a steady, joy-filled, contented, easygoing baby. I’m so excited to be able to begin a chapter of stability for both her and Sam. As you can see, my love for bright colors is fulfilled in the kid’s room. Besides ikea furniture in here, we found a used bunk bed and mattress from a lovely family, and then this rug was my one ‘nesting’ purchase just before Ada arrived. When both Samuel and Ada were born, I couldn’t nest much because we were in temporary places. Tony eventually caved to my ‘one request’ for the kid’s room. I told him: “The rug is what sets the tone for the whole room… and everything else can be simple.” For me, this kid’s room is a creative outlet to finally give the kids a peaceful, beautiful place to rest, play, and grow up together. When you live in a busy, crowded (albeit beautiful) city, your apartment space has to be a place that you can spend a lot of time. Okay, enough about the rug and the decor, how beautiful is this sweet little girl??! We are BLESSED. At 5 months, she is scooting all over the floors and getting quite close to crawling!


I knew that Tony would be an amazing Baba to our daughter but I had no idea just how much I’d fall in love with him all over again whenever I see him together with our two precious children. Ada really reminds me of Tony.


Sam LOVES Ada. Ada is pretty crazy about Sam too. He will give her toys or her pacifier although he also makes her cry when he snatches a toy from her tight grip. I’m so thankful that get to teach each other how to share! 🙂


Sam loves his “big boy bed” although after he sneakily got out of his bed twice today before falling asleep, I gave him the choice between staying in his big boy bed and going in the ‘baby crib’ thinking that that was a motivator for him to finally stay put. It backfired when he chose to go back to the crib! Whoops! 🙂 (Tony and his dad put this ikea bunk bed together after just two hours!! Because nothing was labeled, I was impressed (although not surprised) by Tony’s ability to organize these kinds of projects for ‘maximum’ efficiency. I’m so thankful for him! And please, no one tell Tony or his dad that they put the top sheet on upside down! And Thanks Nana for the Curious George sheets!!)


I could NOT stop laughing long enough to tell Samuel that maybe pushing his sister all over the room was a bad idea… and by the time I caught my breath, I thought “Hey, why not? This is fun.” Ada is sporting Sam’s old pi’s and Sam is sporting summer wear!


Don’t be deceived by this little girl’s cuteness, she did break the duck face off this walker later this same day. I’m fairly sure it will go right back on – but still – another funny moment with our sweet-spirited, feisty little girl!

I’ll share more images of the rooms later but I wanted to share a few kid pictures from around the house. 


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