A sweet delivery: over the seas

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since our belated Christmas present arrived in our arms. While our sweet Ada Roo was due on Dec. 27, she took her sweet little time like her older brother and was born on Dec. 31. It was a joy and blessing to carry her full-term but we were more than ready to meet her and begin getting to know her sweet personality.

We were blessed to have an amazing support team to surround us during Ada’s delivery. We had a friend support us in her role as a midwife/doula as well as an AMAZING doctor in the city who we highly recommend now to anyone who asks. While I joked to a few friends about having a ‘taxi baby’ since we don’t yet have a car, the truth is… Ada was almost a ‘taxi baby’ since we were stuck in a little bit of traffic on the way to the hospital and she was born less than 20 minutes after arriving to the hospital – and the only reason she wasn’t born within seconds is due to Tony being whisked away to fill out paperwork and my desire to wait on my doctor to arrive from another surgery she was doing.

Below is Ada at 1 1/2 hours old…. Oh, how we love this little one!!

Sweet little Ada Roo at just a few hours old.

Sam LOOOOVES his baby sister and wakes up every day saying: “Mama, baby, mama, baby” and then will run to Ada and say “touch” and want to touch her head or lean over to give her a kiss. It is precious. Below is a picture from Ada’s first day home.

This picture below is from today…. I guess Sam wanted to celebrate Ada’s one week birthday! 

Oh, how I love our son Samuel!! While I know he is so excited to have his sister here, he is still very contemplative as to what this means for him as he’s seen his life get turned upside down. I may share more on this later.

  • Ginny Edwards - Such beautiful pictures of your precious family. Once Ada decided to come I am so thankful that things went quickly for you. Sweet Sammy is even more handsome as he matures. What a wonderful big brother. And such a little doll of a baby sister. We love you and wish we could plant some hugs and kisses on you all.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy De Boer - Rejoicing with you! What a precious family!
    Beautiful name for such a beautiful girl!
    May God continue to bless and protect you moment by moment!ReplyCancel