6 Months Out: Milestones that make you breathe a bit easier

It’s hard to believe that it has been over 6 months since we received a phone call while we were at a training in Atlanta, Georgia from my father-in-law back in West Michigan who was caring for our son, Samuel. The phone call, literally and metaphorically, brought me to my knees. You can read the story here.

I breathed easier when I saw Oct. 23 come and go since it marked 6 months of seizure-free time. Our pediatrician said that if he made it 6 months without any additional seizures, then the likelihood of another incident occurring drops drastically.


I remember being on the plane on our way back to West Michigan from Atlanta, sitting next to Tony, and watching video after video of Samuel dancing, smiling, and being his joy-filled self. I remember reading the Psalms and praying to the God who gave Him to us… and I also remember asking myself the hard question of: “Would I still be willing to move overseas… no matter what?” I felt a resounding ‘yes’ in my spirit hours before I knew the cause of the seizures or knew what the long-term impact would be – not because I am a saint but because I had this sense of peace that God was going to work it all out.


Moving overseas has given me a choice with how much to trust God. Do I trust Him to protect my child a few thousand miles away from ‘home’ or do I choose not to trust Him and live my life in fear? For me, the decision to trust God has lead to greater freedom and joy. It is in that freedom that I find peace knowing that no matter what the future holds, I am not the one in control. What a relief.