On Cancer, Food and Control: processing Medullary Thyroid Cancer

It is hard to believe that it’s only been a month since I found out that I had Cancer. Such a strange new reality to think that I have it inside my body. Every choice of food feels like either a commitment of healthy eating to battle Cancer or emotional eating to process or grieve this reality. Every day is a new beginning in the area of eating. The night before my surgery in Ann Arbor, we walked through the aisles of Whole Foods. Tony was ready to get going, but I just wanted to take it all in because there was something about the aisles of healthy food that made me feel like I could do something to battle this terrible growth inside me. What is it about Cancer and Whole Foods? Well, I think a lot actually. My brother was mentioning some newer research he had found on the benefits of fasting during and in-between chemo treatments that would make your body respond better and more effectively to chemo. He also mentioned the impact of cruciferous vegetables on fighting cancer. For many people, this is no surprise or nothing new… I think these kinds of discussions hit you at a deeper level, though, when you finally are facing a rare cancer diagnosis with no cure and no current, effective treatments. There’s not a lot in my control except the following:

1. Where I keep my focus: on God and not any fear or uncertainty regarding cancer.

2. Choosing gratitude for the beauty and joy all around me.

3. The foods I eat to either help or fight Cancer.

4. Where and from whom I choose to seek medical care and treatment.

5. Intentionally keeping my identity in Christ and not letting Cancer define me, only allowing it to and accepting that it will shape me.

6. Loving and worshipping my Creator God and trusting Him to make all things new.


This shot was taken the day after I learned about Medullary Thyroid Cancer. Life continues on with joy and beauty… my new diagnosis does not change that unless I allow it to. Join me on this journey of finding God’s beauty in unexpected places and learning how to glorify Him in the brokenness.