Definition:: Wonder


 noun \ˈwən-dər\

: something or someone that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc.

: a feeling caused by seeing something that is very surprising, beautiful, amazing, etc.

: something that is surprising or hard to believe


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  • Marsha Spykerman - So good to read your updates and pray for you. Noticed that you mentioned Tim and I as well!

    Back home from getting my transplant yesterday (Wed.) around 4:30. Good to be home. Kidney working great right now. Praying there is no rejection.

    Will have lab work already tomorrow to make sure I am taking the right amount of doses that keep everything in line.

    Tim had his 2 surgeries and was doing rather well. But, 2 days after his 2nd surgery, I got the call for the kidney, and he overdid it. So, he is doing more resting while he can. His head is busy swimming with work things in addition to me.

    But my Mom is hanging out today. We have meals coming in.

    Tim sees the surgeon’s nurse – post-op on Tuesday the 3rd of March. And then a couple weeks later he will get the little generator under his collarbone programed – and he should really feel the difference then.

    Continuing to pray for you, and if we can, we will do our best to increase our giving. Hate to see that you are short on money! If we can’t, we’ll pray it in! 🙂

    God bless you, mightily!

    With tons of love.
    Tim and MarshaReplyCancel