2011 Chinese New Year Celebration: Chinatown: Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles Chinatown Event Photography

On Saturday, Tony and I hopped on the Metro to Chinatown so we could join in the festivities surrounding the Chinese New Year. The streets were filled with people as we stepped off the Metro.  We arrived there just in time to see the parade. After the parade, we strolled the streets of downtown LA while drinking Boba Tea. Here is the world that I experienced through my lens…. for those of you who couldn’t be there to see it firsthand!

This young boy captured my attention throughout the parade… In a crowd of people in downtown Los Angeles, this young boy in his traditional red dress definitely inspired something deep in me. I bet his parents are inspired everyday by his wide-eyed wonder at the world around him…

What word or feeling comes to mind when you see this image?

Images like this remind me that I am a relationship photographer… I am so drawn into the interactions between a mother and child, two friends, or a group of strangers celebrating the new year.

I intentionally tried to capture the attention of people in the parade. This is one where the actress and I exchanged smiles and then I quickly composed the image.

Having fun is exhausting… and I appreciated this young child’s boldness to sit in the midst of all the fun.